Firmware update for EIBPORT V3

    EIBPORT Firmware 3.5.5. Now for every EIBPORT V3

    Firmware update for EIBPORT V3
    Take advantage of many improvements and stabilizations for LOGIKEDITOR, CUBEVISION, and more.
    From firmware version 3.5.0 on, use the new web update for the EIBPORT. This new update mechanism enables updates in much shorter time. Users of earlier versions (before 3.5.0) can use the classic update. 


    This update enables the brand-new LOGIKEDITOR in every EIBPORT V3:

    This graphical editor, based solely on latest web technology, offers completely new possibilities to users and system integrators. You can use the comprehensive commenting and search functions to organise your projects and you can reuse logic groups by exporting and importing them. You can simulate complex scenarios before activating them in the EIBPORT. New logic elements such as »Calendar«, »Lua Script«, or »Statistics« enable you to comfortably realise challenging tasks. With little helpers, the so called »Tools«, you can change or filter values between two logic elements. Its web-based, platform-independent technology allows you to use the LOGIKEDITOR on almost any device.


    It can be used in parallel to the existing »Job Editor«. Your configured jobs from the classic editor will stay intact and you can continue to edit them there.


    The LOGIKEDITOR offers the following features and more::

    • easy, platform-independent usage in a web browser
    • graphical linking of logic elements
    • import of ETS project data (.knxproj files)
    • simulation, including custom start times and time stretching
    • plugins allowing you to configure logics in our visualisations (e.g. weekly timers)
    • loop detection
    • documentation function
    • import and export of logic groups
    • comprehensive search function
    • ability to configure your logics without immediately affecting the facility
    • context-sensitive help texts
    • dashboard
    • history function

    All changes of the new firmware can be found in ChangeLog (PDF).

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