The APP for the DUODMX GATEWAY

    DUODMX Gateway


    Control your lights and scenes directly and comfortably with the »DUO DMX APP«.
    Connect to any DUO DMX GATEWAY either automatically or manually (the APP is compatible with all DUODMX GATEWAYs variants).
    Configure sequences and colours professionally with the complementary free »DMX-Configurator«.

    The app uses the existing configuration data from the DUODMX GATEWAY and does not requires special configuration.


    Create own custom scenes right in the app using a colour wheel.
    Transfer colour schemes directly from your photos to your lights using »Moods«. Simply open the desired photo
    in the app and select the colours to be used. The colours can be used as sequences with configurable transition speed, or as individual colours.



    - Full functionality of the DUO DMX GATEWAY even without building automation (Stand-Alone)
    - Pre-set elements to control 1 channel, 3 channel or 4 channel lights
    - Create individual scenes in the app
    - Transfer colour schemes from your pictures to your lights


    The DUO DMX APP is available for Android® and iOS®.


    You can find more information on the DUODMX GATEWAY here.

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