eibPort in the middle object

    Within the range of the middle objects the EIB has a particularly meaningful targeted application: save Costs and energy.
    Real estate properties distributed far require high personnel and cost-intensive expenditure for the support. The nocturnal disturbance of a facility is often discovered only on the next morning. eibPort as gateway between EIB,  LAN/WAN can offer the necessary cross-linking. Fault signals can be sent immediately to several coworkers, no matter where these presently are. In addition a commercial mobile phone is sufficient.
    A central directing center can provide at any time - via Intranet - an overview of the decentralized facilities. In addition no special software is necessary. The visualization is in eibPort.
    A standard internet Browser on side of the center (client) is enough.
    If changes of the timing of e.g. lighting or heating line up, then these are likewise accomplished by the central control room.
    By the central collection of all data from all trades the evaluation and optimization is simple, like never before. One sees on a view, where how much energy is used and where saving potentials are.

    eibPort also fullfills the following requirements:

    • securing the availability of all systems 
    • simple operation also by untrained operators
    • individual organization of visualizations
    • administration of rights of access
    • video monitoring with picture buffer
    • interfaces for the forwarding of data to relevant programs
    • remote maintenance and remote administration by nonspecialists
    • more complex logic functions.