eibPort at home

    By the internet protocol TCP/IP and the intelligent gateway eibPort the yardstick for comfort and security is increased highly by important features.

    An alarm in your house remains not longer reserving the neighbourhood, but reaches you very fast on your mobile phone or on the screen of your PC in the office.

    You are able to react very fast. With your WAP-mobile phone or every other equipment, which has a standard Internet browser, you switch yourself online. On eibPort attached cameras provide an overview.

    Your EIB installation is flexible and also later adapts to your desires. In the past (also with the smallest change) a suburb date with your Installer was necessary. That meant sometimes an enormous costing and expenditure of time.

    With eibPort that is no longer necessary. You express your desire at the telephone and your Installer accomplishes the changes at the same time over e.g. the Internet - from his workspace.